How to Nail a Great Award Entry

1. Understand The Pros Awards

Take time to read the FAQs and the terms and conditions for The Pros Awards. Make sure you understand the criteria for each category.

2. Register early and familiarise yourself with our special awards platform.

Don’t wait till deadline day to work out how to use the platform. Picture it: you have left uploading your entry till the very last minute and then you realise there’s something on the platform you can’t figure out. Stressful, right? We think so. So, save yourself the blood pressure spike, register as soon as you can and get comfortable with the entry platform.

3. Write a great entry

Keep the English plain and simple. Keep out typos and grammatical errors (they could lead to your entry losing valuable points) and answer the questions. Throw in stats and facts – the more numbers the better! Shout about results. How many hits did you campaign video have? How many pieces of coverage did your nominee secure? How much business did your founder bring in? Don’t hold back on the money shots. Aim to wow the judges!

4. Don’t copy and paste – copy, edit and paste

Yes, it’s probably easy to copy and paste content from one entry after another. Or to even copy and paste content from entries you’ve submitted for other awards but we’d urge you to edit before you paste to ensure the content answers the question being asked.

5. Add great supporting images

You can upload a photo of nominees and/or teams as well as materials highlighting results and any creative content created up to 5MB. Don’t waste the opportunity to also ‘show’ why you should be a winner.

6. Meet the deadline

Want a chance of being shortlisted for The Pros Awards 2024 supported by Google? Enter and get your entry form in on time. That’s all. 🙂

The Pros Awards
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