Creative Consultant/Designer


Simba imbues his creations with the intention to ignite positive ripples of change

Simba is a passionate graphic designer committed to catalysing positive change through his work. With a fervent belief in design’s power to shape perspectives and inspire action, he dedicates himself to creating designs that impact the world for good. Simba’s mission is to ensure that every design he crafts carries the potential to spark transformative shifts or serve as a source of inspiration for those who encounter his work.

Driven by a deep sense of purpose, Simba approaches each project with a blend of creativity and conscientiousness, striving not just for aesthetic excellence but for designs that resonate on a deeper level. Whether it’s advocating for social causes, promoting sustainability, or fostering empathy through visual storytelling, Simba imbues his creations with the intention to ignite positive ripples of change. His ultimate aspiration is for his designs to serve as the catalyst that motivates individuals to contribute to a brighter, more impactful world.


Why did you sign up to be a judge for The Pros Awards 2024?

I joined The Pros Awards 2024 as a judge because I believe in the power of creativity to break barriers. Being part of this platform allows me to witness and celebrate the groundbreaking work that shatters the glass ceiling for creatives of colour. My aspirations to shape the narrative for post-2024 creative individuals of colour resonates deeply with my commitment to fostering inclusivity and innovation in the creative sphere.

What Insta/Twitter(X)/Tik Tok account should every comms pro follow and why?

Stefan Sagmeister excels across all his channels. He possesses the unique ability to transform any graphic work into a visual and mental experience that triggers a range of emotions, compelling one to address societal issues, and encouraging reflection on change. A definite 5-star rating. – Simba, from his bedroom”

What was your favourite PR/comms story from 2023 and why?

I could never just read one story as a kid. Sorry, I have three, but I will keep it short. Even though I have picked these three, it’s funny because I still plan to buy a grey car. The song didn’t make my Spotify Wrapped, and I’m more of a satchel bag wearer now. But all three campaigns I picked tell stories that we can all relate to in a very simple and to-the-point manner.

Fiat: Operation No Grey. Their campaign pledged they would no longer make grey cars and reintroduce color to cars, playing off the Italian city landscape. Very simple but super effective.

Yorkshire Tea: Pack Your Bags. Though this song didn’t make my top 10 on Spotify, it did remind me I’m no longer in my 20s, and packing tea bags doesn’t seem like a crazy idea that only Mum does. Again, really simple ideas that tap into real actions that most British people think about after a certain age, haha.

And finally, JD Sports: The Bag for Life for really tapping into my childhood and the notion that some things change while others stay the same. It’s probably hard to believe that pocket money used to fund Jd sports from the years of 2004 to 2008. Like all the other campaigns, this one does a wonderful job of bringing lifestyle into focus. After watching this, I was in the loft looking for my Lethal Bizzle CDs, haha.