Public Policy & Communications Manager,
The Guardian


She has a wealth of experience in public affairs & comms and media relations

Huda Ali, is a public policy and communications manager at The Guardian. She has a wealth of experience in public affairs, comms and media relations working in a number of industries.


Why did you sign up to be a judge for The Pros Awards 2024?

I was honoured to be a guest at the 2023 awards ceremony and to witness so much exceptional BME talent. It would be an even greater honour to go back as a judge and to be a part of a platform that powerfully promotes racial inclusivity in PR and comms.

What Insta/Twitter(X)/Tik Tok account should every comms pro follow and why?

Aldi on X (Twitter) – genius way of doing comms on social media. They are quick witted, topical, and have a strong playful personality.

As before we’ve got a great DJ booked for The Pros Awards awards ceremony in July – what’s your dancefloor-filler request?

Anything by Burna Boy, Tems and WizKid


What was your favourite PR/comms story from 2023 and why?

I have two that I thought were just genius.

First Rihanna’s superbowl performance, where she took out and used her Fenty Beauty Invisimatte Instant Setting & Blotting Powder in between songs. I thought it was a genius away of promoting and boosting sales for Fenty Beauty, and shows our queen is as excellent a marketer and business woman as she is a performer.

The second is Barbie’s rebrand as a symbol of empowerment, and the film’s ability to create a buzz for months even before its release. I loved that as part of its PR campaign it collaborated with so many brands including TFL, Zara, AirBnB, Bumble and many more. I thought it was a great way to widen and reach new audiences.