PR & comms strategist,

Ebony Gayle Communications


Ebony was the first Black woman to be appointed to the Women in PR UK board

Ebony Gayle is an author, speaker and independent accredited PR and communications strategist and coach, with over 20 years of experience of advising and implementing PR and communication strategies and campaigns for clients.
She has worked across a variety of industries including, new start-ups, fintech, health and wellbeing, education, entertainment and lifestyle.

Ebony was the first Black woman to be appointed to the Women in PR UK board, she is also the co-founder of the CIPR’s independent Network for freelance PR and communication professionals.
Ebony is passionate about entrepreneurialship, wellbeing and DEI. She is the host of the 9to5workrebels podcast which features the popular ‘Gems in Comms’ series special that spotlights and explores the lived experiences of non-white senior professionals working in the UK PR and communications industry.

Ebony is the author of the no-nonsense self-help guide – How to become a consultant: a guide to free yourself from the 9-5.


Why did you sign up to be a judge for The Pros Awards 2024?

Becoming a judge for The Pros Awards 2024 holds great personal significance for me as a Black woman in the PR/comms realm. The Pros Awards are uniquely judged by Black, Asian, Mixed Race, and Ethnic Minority (BME) peers, and is the first of its kind. I’m excited to be part of a movement that recognises, amplifies and celebrates the resilience and brilliance of BME PR and comms pros, agencies and founders!

What Insta/Twitter(X)/Tik Tok account should every comms pro follow and why?

Munya Chawawa on insta and Tik Tok. Why? Cause he is hilarious and laughing is good for the soul.

What was your favourite PR/comms story from 2023 and why?

2023’s PR fav? The Barbie movie campaign takes the cake! Imagine my nostalgia trip—I grew up with Cindy, but my friends had Barbie and I had Barbie envy! The campaign’s witty charm and throwback vibes, seamlessly blending nostalgia with modern empowerment, the campaign celebrated Barbie’s cultural impact over the years. Through innovative storytelling and strategic partnerships, it redefined the iconic doll’s image, resonating with diverse audiences. Kudos to the Barbie crew and a fab campaign!

As before we’ve got a great DJ booked for The Pros Awards awards ceremony in July – what’s your dancefloor-filler request?

Any old skool garage tune. If we’re being specific – Body Groove by Architect