Director, Hope & Glory PR


17 years’ in the business working with the likes of Lidl, B&Q, Subway, Sainsbury’s, McVities & Mini Cheddars

Aarti Bulsara is an experienced comms expert with over 17 years’ in the business working with the likes of Lidl, B&Q, Subway, Sainsbury’s, McVities, and Mini Cheddars. She recently joined the board at Hope & Glory following a 10 year stint at Good Relations.

Passionate about creative ideas that move the dial, her career highlights include issuing a memo prepping B&Q staff ahead of the release of the 50 Shades of Gray film (and subsequently sending the world’s media into a frenzy), helping biscuit lovers discover the correct way to eat a McVitie’s chocolate digestive (chocolate side down in case you’re wondering) and uniting megabands Steps and Blue to launch the cheesiest wedding band ever for Mini Cheddars


Why did you sign up to be a judge for The Pros Awards 2024?
There’s some truly amazing work being done in the industry by BME Pros that’s not getting the kudos it deserves – I want to play a part in making sure it doesn’t go unnoticed.
What Insta/Twitter(X)/Tik Tok account should every comms pro follow and why?

byvickysmith – I’m a major news hound so love her unbiased and insightful commentary around the big news stories of the day.

What was your favourite PR/comms story from 2023 and why?
For sheer WTF vibes, Domino’s delivering pizza via rocket pack at this year’s Glastonbury. No idea how they got that signed off by the client and past health and safety but as a stunt I loved it and it hit so many touch points – being a world first and tying in with Elton John headlining the Pyramid Stage.

As before we’ve got a great DJ booked for The Pros Awards awards ceremony in July – what’s your dancefloor-filler request?

Ohh tough to pick one I’m going forthe classic that is Ain’t Nobody – Chaka Khan